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Welcome to
the website of
Donald R Findlay Q.C.

Scotland’s most experienced criminal defence counsel.

Donald R Findlay Q.C.

“My belief and passion remain undiminished. It is the right way to go about things – for the state to put its allegations before a jury. The primary reason for the existence of the defence lawyer is to ensure guilty people are punished – but only guilty people. It’s a combination of that and a thrawn, implacable, unchallengeable belief that the increasing power of the state should be resisted that keeps me going.”

“I have lived a life in the law and the job has become my life. I have consciously shied away from having an online presence but realise it is time to communicate in a modern way. I have created this website with Hey Legal in order to provide innovative ways for you to engage with me, and to share my thoughts and experience on matters of law and other associated topics worthy of comment. Why? We live in a complex world and the laws of the land, and the systems by which they are given effect, have never been of greater importance to us all.”

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